Trade with GlobalFXm, to benefit from greater global market choice, with thousands of currency pairs, stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, bonds, and ETFs providing endless investment opportunities.

We are committed to creating a fair and transparent investment space, protecting the privacy and security of your data and guaranteeing safe and rapid account transactions.

We also believe in providing a personal tailored training experience for each trader, whatever their level. Benefit from expert guidance, around the clock, valuable rich-media educational tools, and professional support to ensure you continue to improve your skill-set and reach your peak trading potential, as you grow your portfolio.


Cryptocurrencies are rapidly gaining legitimacy and becoming well-established as a secure, digital alternative to traditional, government-backed currencies. The popularity of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, stems from their security, speed and anonymity. Digital currency is protected by sophisticated cryptography, and transactions are executed almost instantly, for a faster transaction experience. At GlobalFXm you can trade leading cryptocurrencies against fiat currencies, such as the Euro or US Dollar. This is the most sound and secure means of trading digital currencies, since trading against established fiat money offers a much more stable investment opportunity than the direct purchase of cryptocurrencies.


GlobalFXm offers our investors around the world first-class support every hour of the day, throughout the business week. Well- informed with regard to every aspect of the GlobalFXm product suite, our highly trained support team is there at every stage, to help you navigate the trading arena, manage your account and take advantage of the multiple, advanced trading tools and features available on our platform. Get in touch via email, live chat or phone and instantly receive personal, professional assistance from our award winning team, in your language, at the exact moment you need it.


Master the global forex and CFD markets with expert guidance and personal one-on-one training designed to ensure you reach your full trading potential. Learn how to utilize the various analysis tools and resources available on the GlobalFXm platform to best take advantage of developing market opportunities. Pick up valuable market strategies, as well as exclusive tips and tricks from our dedicated team of experienced industry professionals. GlobalFXm’s online finance specialists have extensive expertise successfully navigating the global markets, and are committed to sharing their insights, analysis and trading techniques.


Deposit and withdraw funds, secure in the knowledge that the privacy of your personal details and integrity of your account are completely guaranteed. GlobalFXm employs a variety of measures to ensure the safety of all system transactions. These include multi-layered SSL encryption, HTTPS secure web protocols, strong firewalls, a certified data center shielding all server communications. We are dedicated to providing a completely transparent forex and CFD’s trading environment to our global clientele and ensuring a rapid and safe transaction process for each and every transfer of funds to and from your account.


PIPSEC is recognized by agencies and clients at an international level, PIPSEC Registration from PIPSEC demonstrates that the financial service provider complies with all standard requirements. PIPSEC obtains, periodic audits and tests to verify that the Registered Financial Service Provider continues to comply with these standards.

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