XLR believes the trading experience should be a journey of learning and understanding the market, while at times there may be turbulence but it is ultimately gratifying. The most exciting element of financial trading is that the market is constantly evolving and our mission is to protect and guide our clients every day and through their trading experience, is the basis of our firm’s foundation. XLR’s dedicated, knowledgeable team provides our clients with a stable trading environment while respecting the client’s needs above all else.

MULTIPLE TRADING PLATFORMS XLR offers a wide variety of trading platforms, from the highly regarded, downloadable MT4 platform, with professional charting tools, to the user-friendly web –based Sirix platform with its huge selection of features as well as its popular social trading platform. XLR also offers options for traders on the move, with their mobile and tablet platforms, both of which offer instant, real-time responses and advanced analytics tools.

EXCELLENT TRADING TERMS There are zero commissions at XLR and our competitive trading conditions beat other brokers by a long shot. We offer tight spreads, low margins, and generous, flexible leverage ranging from 10:1- 400:1.

EXPERT DEDICATED SUPPORT As a global broker, XLR is available in multiple languages. It offers every trader an experienced, dedicated account manager and professional, friendly support through email, phone and live chat, in their own language. Our team is quick to respond, helpful, and very well informed. This is among the many attributes that make XLR stand out above the competition.

A WIDE CHOICE OF ASSETS At XLR you can trade close to 200 different currencies, commodities, indices and stocks. You can have multiple trades open at the same time and diversify your portfolio with forex and a huge range of CFDs. XLR’s asset list keeps getting longer, with new trading instruments being added all the time.

TOP LEVEL PREPARATION Before you dive in and make your first trade with XLR you can practice your trading skills on a free demo account prior to making the transition to the real-world online forex and CFD markets. You can also follow more experienced traders on the social trading platform and find out what market moves are making the difference for successful traders.

SECURE AND TRUSTED TRADING At XLR, your funds and the privacy of your account details are well secured and the we have earned our positive reputation we have built for protecting traders from fraud, while offering smooth deposit and withdrawal processes that are quick, easy and overall, trouble free. You have several choices of payment methods, and when you requested a withdrawal, you will see a rapid response with the money delivered without any issues or delays.

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